Mumma Moment ~ Megan from Daughters of India

Megan is a super mumma and boss woman. She's the creative brain behind the beautiful brand Daughter's of India. I ventured down the Tweed Coast to meet her. Passing cane fields and into the country side, I arrived at her home. Set amongst a lush rainforest backdrop, it was the perfect place to get to know Meg and her family.

Tell us a little about you and your family?

My husband & I are raising our 4 children out in a quiet and beautiful rural town called Nunderi, NSW. We are such beach people but love being tucked away in our little rainforest and being away from the hustle and bustle. Lucky for us our favourite beaches are 15 mins drive in Cabarita Beach, this is also where our kids go to school.

Do you remember how you felt those first few moments after becoming a mum?

In that moment I knew that everything had changed. We had created life, a perfect bundle of love.  I felt so clever, not only had my body grown & carried this tiny human but I birthed him into this world too. In that moment I felt like I had really become a woman. A new woman bursting with pure love, it was heavenly. 

Meg wears our Janis jumpsuit in fire

What are your children’s names? And is there a story behind the meanings?

Our four children are Bonnie Love 5, Mabel 7, Jarvis 8 & my step daughter Milli 12.

Jarvis means spear man. Our short list was down to J names and as soon as I saw Jarvis I knew that was it. I loved a name with a J and a V in it, to me it sounded strong.

When Jarvis was a baby I would take him to my market stall with me, one day a sweet little girl came up to him and started to sing him lullabies and her name was Mabel. At that moment I knew that if I was ever to have a little girl, her name would be Mabel. When I found out I was pregnant a few months later, her name was Mabel all along! 

Bonnie to us was a really sweet match to go with Mabel, both old fashioned and pretty. 

What is one lesson you have learnt from motherhood?

Motherhood is a crazy beautiful journey and I am always learning at every stage, still am & always will!

I definitely learnt to let go of the things that I thought I would be as a mother but found I wasn't. You can't be too hard on yourself, being a mum is a huge responsibility and no one is perfect at it. As long as I try my best, I'm proud. I have learnt along the way, that I am a strong woman, these babies of mine keep me strong. I want to be the best version of myself for them, they are my constant reminder and motivation to be the best I can be. 

What is the perfect family day for you? And do you have any favourite bonding activities?

Without a doubt packing up the car early in the morning with a picnic, boards and a take away coffee and heading down to the Pass in Byron. Lately we've been having some really beautiful days there. There's perfect little waves for this mumma and being able to share waves with Jarvis is honestly one of my greatest joys. He hoots me into waves and cheers me on - he's my number one fan. I love so much that we can get into the water together and share that. Greg's been trying to get the girls out there to do a little tandem surfing and that's just adorable watching their smiles light up their faces. We get home in the late afternoon a little salty, a little sun kissed, super exhausted but super, super happy and content. 

Did your mother influence your parenting style? And was there any advice she gave you that has stuck throughout the years?

My mum is so beautiful, as kids she gave us freedom but was always there. She gave me the thirst for adventure and the love of being outdoors. She gave me my positive outlook and gift of knowing that things or new items don't bring happiness. I see how present she is with my kids and I know she was just like that with me.

I really value her presence in all of our lives and it's a constant reminder for me of what's important & how I want my children to feel. I really hope my kids feel so loved and special that they truly feel the sun rises just for them every morning! 

Was there anything you wish someone had told you before giving birth?

Breathe, enjoy, trust in your body and your intuition and never feel guilty to ask for help. 

What advice would you give future mums-to-be?

I read a quote the other day... "The days are long but the years are short" And it really stuck with me. When you are a new mum and juggling life with babies and toddlers, the days can seem long and challenging but then all of a sudden you blink! And for me, at the blink of an eye, all of my babies are at school. And it really hit home that you really do have to soak it all up, because time is not on our side and the years fly by so, so quickly.  

Meg wears the Geisha top in gold.

What has been the biggest highlight on your motherhood journey so far?

My highlight, is a constant one... I am lit up when I have all my babies by my side out in the world. I feel at home, I feel 100% me, I am the proudest mother duck walking around with them by my side. 

What would you say your motherhood mantra is?

"Strong body, strong mind, big heart" has been my mantra of late. 

What is one thing you hope the future holds your bubs?

Whatever path my children decide to take, I just wish them true, true happiness, but I do wish for them to adventure far and wide, high and low. Say yes to opportunities and trust in themselves to say no to things that don't feel right. I hope they are confident in themselves and give love and friendship to those around them. I hope they shine their light everywhere they go!  

Besides being a mum what else ignites excitement and passion for you?

Adventures, small or big! I love getting away for weekends with the family, exploring different places down the coast. Camping is my preference. I love stripping everything back and keeping it simple, such a good opportunity to bond as a family, no distractions just the outdoors, nature and a campfire.

We are planning to pack up this year and travel around Australia in a bus or a caravan. This really makes me feel happy. I always wanted to do something GREAT with my children and I feel like this is it. The open road, my man, our kids and nothing but memories to be made. 

You’re the owner and creator of the dreamy label Daughter’s of India. Tell us about your brand?

Daughter's of India was born a few years ago, originally starting out as a girls clothing label, inspired by having my own little ladies. But over the past year or so I have branched out into ladies clothing and have been absolutely loving it! 

Our garments are made in India by dress makers that adhere to ethical manufacturing and fair trade guidelines. Their community of artisans belong to villages where basic needs like electricity, water, education and facilities lack. They contribute to uplifting their lifestyle by distributing work to the locals rather than creating product from factories full of machines. This is all really important to me.

I'm really drawn to handmade textile that engages women and men for employment and encourages their growth. Our manufacturer is associated with many women and men who were not born into artisan families but have helped them to adapt these skills. I really feel by using our manufacturer in India we are supporting a lot of locals to live a better life. 

Where does your inspiration come from when designing for Daughter’s of India?

I have had my online vintage clothing store for about 9 years now. So my love of vintage clothing, especially Indian gauze dresses from the 60s & 70's play a huge roll in where my inspiration comes from. 

I really just want to make pretty pieces that ladies feel unique and beautiful in! I want my customers to feel like a dreamy goddess! 

I am also really inspired to create pieces that are a little different to everyone else. I want to have my own vibe rather than follow anyone else's. 

You use lots of earthy Indian prints. Have you been to India? And what made you fall in love with Indian textiles?

I have been to India twice over the past few years and I just fell in love with it all. The colours, the fabrics, the food, the people. 

I love the tradition and love that goes into block printing by hand using wooden blocks. It is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printing. This to me is so beautiful and it keeps the tradition of hand block printing alive for the coming generations of artisans. 

What does Mother’s day mean to you? And what will you be getting up to this Mother’s day?

Mother's day to me is the perfect day to reflect on everything I have - my loves. With them I am the richest person in the world.

This Mother's day, no doubt we will be packing up the car and heading to a beach down the coast for a full day of adventures, waves, swims and eating lots of yummy food together. Perfect! 

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